About Lawrence Woods
As a well-experienced and respected clinician and now innovator, Lawrence Woods has developed an exciting new therapy. Part of this work, called Neural Reset Therapy, was developed and expanded from previous manual therapeutic approaches based on Sherrington's Law of Reciprocal Inhibition. After being disappointed and frustrated over the occasional spectacular result and the many failures to effectively and reliably reset the tonus of a muscle to a more optimal state, he set out to uncover the secrets of how to do this each and every time.

Lawrence had a series of 6 insights of how to apply the law of reciprocal inhibition so that every therapist can now rapidly get optimal results with each client. Not only that, while working on that process, he came across a method based on Pfluger's Law of Symmetry to get the same results from the other side of the body. Even if part of the body is in a cast, has a burn, or some other trauma, relief from muscular pain can be had from working on the opposite limb or body part. This is a discovery not reported in any known literature in the field. He calls it Twin Reset.

Before all that, he was originally a chemistry major and worked in chemical research in the Chicago area. Later he worked as a research assistant at Columbia University Medical School in New York City. After going back to college and getting another degree, he worked with the severely mentally disabled as a public heath dental hygienist for a decade while training for his current profession.

Lawrence currently lives in Indianapolis and has a thriving practice. Since 1970, he has eaten a whole food, plant-based diet, works out daily, and has practiced various forms of meditation since 1971.
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About Ralph Stephens

Ralph is a 2008 Inductee, Massage Therapy Hall of Fame!

Ralph Stephens has been practicing massage therapy to successfully treat the injuries and pain complaints of his clients for the last 27 years. While his particular focus is on athletes with clients ranging from Olympians and Paralympians to passionate amateurs, he also works with other populations from couch potatoes, pre-natal, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia to MS, post-surgery, and brain/cord injuries. Their continued performance, rapid recoveries, and relief from pain is a testament to Ralph’s excellent work, combining sports massage techniques, neuromuscular therapy, medical massage, and Neural Reset Therapy® (NRT).

But while his clients sing the praises of his hands-on skills, the massage therapy community knows him best as a gifted teacher. He is known for his ability to take complex anatomical and physiological concepts and make them both easy to understand and immediately applicable. His entertaining presentations make learning fun and easy to remember. Ralph says of his own teaching style, “I am not simply teaching to impress my students with what I can do, but to share with them what I know so they can become more successful therapists. ” As a Massage Therapy Hall of Fame inductee, textbook author, regular Massage Today columnist, and AMTA National Meritorious Award winner, he doesn’t need to suck up class time proving himself to a crowd. Rather, Ralph’s focus is on ensuring that students learn what it is they need to become more effective massage therapists.

Ralph’s vision is for more of the public to receive high quality therapeutic massage. To accomplish this, he aims to train ever-increasing numbers of massage therapists in advanced techniques that are effective at two things simultaneously: helping clients recover from injury and pain, and preventing injury in the massage therapists themselves, thereby helping to sustain and prolong their careers. It’s for this purpose that he travels to teach so extensively, rather than keeping his head down and worrying only about his own clients.

Ralph himself never stops learning, whether it’s a new massage technique like NRT or perfecting his golf swing or yoga skills. What is his invitation to you as a massage therapist? “Come study with me, so together we can help more people live healthier, happier, pain-free lives.”
About Rob Hayden

A graduate of Boston College with a BA in Psychology and Theater in 1971, Rob was introduced and became interested in bodywork in 1975. Throughout many varied work and life experiences over the next fifteen years, from pounding nails, to theater tech, to directing a state-wide development project for the sport of fencing, among others, his interest in learning about and testing various forms of bodywork remained, to the benefit of his many friends and relatives. His own pain from vehicle accidents led him to a personal understanding of neuromuscular therapy and the development of neuromuscular self-care. 

Six years into his neuromuscular career, he began teaching with the Stillpoint School of Massage Therapy, which merged with the Greenfield Community College in Greenfield, MA in 1998. Over 15 years, Rob taught courses in muscle and bone anatomy, muscle and joint testing, pain and dysfunction assessment, and trigger point technique. He also developed and ran seminars in neuromuscular self-care and in functional anatomy. To this day, "spilling his brains" for those who are interested in understanding how the body's musculature works and its relationship to pain mechanisms excites him. "If I can share what it may have taken me decades to understand, so that someone else can know it sooner and move forward further, then I have served my purpose in eliminating a little more pain out of the world each day."

  Introduced to NRT by a colleague, he found it so exciting a modality that he, with Lawrence's permission, fast-tracked himself through the seminars and training with Lawrence in order to help bring NRT out into the world. For him, NRT is a totally new approach to pain relief and the normalization of hypertonic muscle tissue. Instead of manipulating the soft tissue to bring balance between the musculature and the nervous system, with all of the discomfort and time that it entails, NRT resolves the muscle issues directly through the nervous system. “If the nerves aren't telling the muscle to be tight, they're not tight! That's new! That's different!” Rob wants to bring to you this new approach to remove pain, more quickly and with less effort.
Pain, injury recovery, and post-surgical rehabilitation are not just topics Mindaloo has studied. She has been diagnosed with high-grade Arthrochalasia Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (aEDS) a genetic condition that causes joint dislocations with little to no impact. Because of this, she has had to undergo spine, knee, hip, hand and shoulder surgery. She must avoid any impact or excessive range of motion. Her business practice, now focused on NRT protocols first, has allowed her body to provide overwhelming success on her many patients with little to no negative effects on her own body as the therapist. Through her journey of healing, Mindaloo discovered a gap between physical therapy protocols and working out in the gym. The desire to fill this gap led her to attend the National Personal Trainers Institute in 2006. Upon graduation, she took a teaching position at NPTI and supervised the practical portion. She is a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and achieved Advanced Structural Assessment and Corrective Exercise Program Design certifications.

Mindaloo spent time as an apprentice under the tutelage of Esteban Ruvalcaba MA, LMT, BCTMB. During that time, she acquired 400+ hours of supervised, hands-on practicum covering specific assessment and palpation skills of the joints and skeletal muscles. She also assisted Mr. Ruvalcaba in some of his teachings at Missouri State AMTA conferences. Since 2015, Mindaloo served as a member of the coaching/training staff for team USA (UMMAF) at the World Championships for the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) At the 2017 UMMAF board meeting, she was nominated and voted in favor of becoming the first and only Team UMMAF sanctioned Team Trainer. Along with running her business and helping local clients, she will now travel the world implementing NRT to the fighters who represent Team USA. Because of her involvement with the national and international amateur level fighting teams, she is now also employed by multiple professional UFC Fighters during fight week performing Neural Reset Therapy® and other protocols. Thanks to Neural Reset Therapy's ® unique twin resets, NRT has become an asset during fight week and has proven to speed up the acute injury healing and recovery process post-fight. 

She owns and operates M3 Muscle Motion Mastery. At a new intake, her clients receive a full postural assessment from standing, sitting, and lying positions and motion recruitments. Then, she facilitates optimal muscle functioning via NRT and other modalities. After that is completed, her clients receive correctional exercise programs. Once proper motion is learned and understood, you advance into greater and more dynamic training programs, thus developing mastery of the many motions the human body performs. When she first discovered NRT she knew immediately that it would not only fit well into her business model but that it would help her clients advance to the motion stage much faster with greater neuromuscular function.

From the beginning, she knew she wanted to become an NRT instructor and bring NRT knowledge and credentials into the sports and training world. All sports will greatly benefit from implementing Neural Reset Therapy ® on their athletes. with regular use in the treatment rooms, athletes will not only get to the top of their game better, faster, and stronger, but NRT will also help with injury prevention and recovery. Now, as a Certified NRT Instructor, she is working to get NRT recognized as an approved CEU course for Licensed Athletic Trainers (LATC) and some Strength and Conditioning coaches.(CSCS) Please call her directly for more information regarding certification requirements in the sports and training world.
About Mindaloo Lao-Scott
Allyson Hopkins has been an educator and healer all her life. She believes in the innate wisdom and ability of the body to heal itself, the need for hands-on therapies like NRT to be made available to all, and the power of education to change the world.  

Allyson graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA with a B.A. in Education, traveling to Santa Fe, NM to complete her student teacher training at the Santa Clara Native American reservation. She fell in love with the people and the land, and stayed for 5 years, teaching and learning. It was during this period that she became aware of the power and value of non-conventional healing therapies. 

Upon returning to the Boston area, Allyson entered the health education field. She worked with a number of colleges and Universities in the area, including an 11-year stint at Wellesley College. She became a teacher trainer for health education, committed to reaching as many students as she could by training other teachers to spread healing information. 
After a move to NC, Allyson decided to incorporate her love of kinesthetic learning and appreciation of the power of touch therapy by studying and graduating from the Body Therapy Institute in Siler City, NC, including the Spirit of Learning teacher training program; the only program in the country for certifying massage therapy educators. 

Allyson opened a private clinical massage therapy practice, and began training with Carey Smith and the Center for Embodied Teacher Education, and Ralph Stephens, assisting him in the classroom since 2009. 

When Ralph, whom Allyson considers mentor, teacher and friend mentioned that he was going to Indianapolis to learn this incredible new therapy called NRT, Allyson jumped at the chance to learn this ground-breaking therapy directly from the innovator himself. She spent 5 years studying and practicing NRT while traveling numerous times to Indianapolis to learn from the originator. 

Allyson lives and works in Williamsburg, VA, as a healing therapist, yoga instructor, and educator. 

She is proud and delighted to be a certified Neural Reset Therapist, and hopes to become a global educator in this field, taking the healing knowledge to people who may not have access to conventional healing therapies. Her first journey on this path will be to Honduras in February 2018. 

Go Team NRT!!

About Allyson Hopkins
Certified NRT Instructors Bios:
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“Life is Too Short to Live in Pain” 

Ginger Castle LMT, CKTP, CNRT-Instructor graduated from Seattle School of Massage in 1992 and discovered her calling, aiding the healing process. She soon learned that her passions lie not only in injury rehabilitation, but also in teaching, and she thrives in a classroom environment.  

For over 25 years, she has maintained a private practice working with a wide range of clients. Clients injured in car accidents, 
pro-athletes, elderly, clients with chronic illness or clients in need of rehabilitation. She has worked in many different environments, collaborating with medical doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors, to become a pain management specialist.

Completing additional coursework on Massage Instruction from Seattle School of Massage, Ginger started her teaching career as an instructor and program director for the Licensed Massage Therapist program at Renton Technical College (RTC) in Washington State. Ginger wrote and implemented the Washington State Massage board approved 1080-hour curriculum. 

During her tenure at RTC, Ginger was nominated to participate in the Clinician’s Workgroup – “Integration of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CWIC)” to represent the RTC Massage Program and the massage community. She also represented RTC on a nation-wide workgroup – “Skill Standards for Professional/Technical College Instructors and Customized Trainers.” Ginger continued her instruction certifications gaining her 5 year vocational certification and became an instructor for the Red Cross –HIV/AIDS

After her relocating to Tucson Arizona, Ginger maintained her private practice while teaching at the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts School of Massage, Cortiva School of Massage and currently ASIS School of Massage.

In 2013, Ginger wrote and published “Massage Notes: A Pocket Guide to Treatments and Assessments” (F.A Davis publishing company). By using her vast experience in curriculum development and teaching experience; she has also written and taught eight Continuing Education courses in Arizona and California, covering topics such as: 
    •Shoulder injury and treatment, 
    •Low back pain and treatment,
    •Cervical injuries and treatment,
    •Temporomandibular dysfunction , 
    •Integration of muscle energy techniques, 
    •Guidelines for massage treatment

Ginger Castle has been trained and certified in many different modalities, but nothing in her 25 years of practice has she seen and experienced matches the rapid results of Neural Reset Therapy®. Ginger is very excited to share Neural Reset Therapy® with you! 

About Ginger Castle
Leif Grunseth attended UC Berkeley on a full-ride wrestling scholarship graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Forestry in 1976. He ended up in Alaska working for a private Native Timber Corporation and in 1983 was severely injured in a logging accident. Three months in bed and a year later, recuperating around his family in the San Francisco East Bay, on the advice of a friend, he began to receive massage therapy for his unremitting pain. When he asked the new student massage therapist how it was that her treatment was able to lower the pain so noticeably, she couldn’t explain it. 

At that point, he asked himself that if someone could get him out of pain and not know what they were doing what would happen if you knew what you were doing? So, in 1984, he enrolled in massage therapy school at the National Holistic Institute in Oakland, CA and after graduating in 1986, moved to the Seattle area.

In 1987, he founded the Washington State Sports Massage Team (WSMT) to provide direction and sports massage training for therapists wishing to work with athletes. He was picked as a Sports Massage Therapist for the Pan American Games in Indianapolis (1987); the Winter Olympics in Calgary (1988); was Sports Massage coordinator for the Goodwill Games in Seattle (1990); worked with the Seattle Super Sonics during their playoff run (1991-93) and at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta (1996).

In 1989, he was Certified in St. John NMT work and later became a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC- 1998) to augment his skills in helping people recover from pain and injury.

IN 2015, Leif was introduced to NRT by his friend and colleague, Ralph Stephens, and seeing the incredible results, not only on students and patients, but on himself, Leif decided to sponsor NRT to the Pacific NW. In 32+ years, Leif feels this work far surpasses any other modality he’s worked with for its rapid, consistent results in relieving pain and discomfort as well as ease of application by the therapist and receptivity by the patient! In 2016, Leif was Certified as a 
NRT-M practitioner. In 2017, he was Certified as a NRT Instructor and is excited to be able to teach this amazing body of work to other health professionals. Leif is currently in private practice in Bellevue, Washington and remains passionate and enthusiastic in helping patients reclaim healthy, energetic, and pain-free lives.
About Leif Grunseth

Pauline Chau came to the United States from Taiwan as a child and was educated in the US. After high school, she returned to Taiwan and attended Cheng Kung University to pursue a degree in Occupational Therapy. She found Massage Therapy during a stressful time at the end of her schooling and was surprised by how profound of a change she felt after each session.
After returning to the US, she became a licensed massage therapist in Seattle. With a strong desire to pursue more education after that training, she continued to take workshops every month for a long time. She was fortunate to be caught on the first wave of NRT workshops taught in Redmond, Washington and became one of the first therapists to be master certified in the work and later certified as a NRT instructor.

While utilizing NRT in her private practice after the first workshop, she discovered that NRT was more effective and profound than any other modality she had been exposed to during her trainings. She also found that NRT allowed for her to do great treatments for her larger clients and the results were longer-lasting than ever expected. She knew from that point that she had to bring this work to Taiwan and other parts of Asia.

Pauline is proud and dedicated to be a certified instructor of Neural Reset Therapy®. The work is consistent, fast, and best of all, “too easy to be true,” as many of her students say. Do not miss her upcoming workshops that are co-taught with Leif Grunseth!.

About Pauline Chau

Virginia “Ginny” attended the first NRT class taught in Iowa in 2013 and has continued the work passionately ever since. After all, it released a painful, dysfunctional shoulder situation for her! She was the first female in Iowa to be Master level certified in 2015. For years, she has served as a certified NRT Teaching Assistant for both Ralph Stephens (basic classes) and Lawrence Woods (advanced class).

Located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Ginny is the owner of Synergy Massage, where she enjoys a busy, primarily NRT practice. She left the corporate world in 2012, where she felt she was the “bearer of bad news”, to enter the world of massage to “be the highlight of someone’s day”. She had no idea where that path would lead, but it took her right to NRT shortly after massage school and hasn’t slowed down since.

She has seen amazing, life-changing results in clients using NRT and continues to receive feedback from people who had tried many modalities and bodywork with disappointing results. Hearing the heartfelt emotion in people’s voices as they say “thank you for NRT” never gets old. Truly, spreading the word about NRT is her calling, whether that is in her office, community or even more places as a teacher. Ginny works with anyone who is in pain (any age, size, diagnosis) as well as maintenance visits for her clients who have experienced the benefits of NRT. 

As of December 2017, Ginny became Titleist Performance Institute certified (level 1) which she uses to work with golfers of any level. NRT fits perfectly, she believes, into assisting golf teaching professionals with their students. Ginny believes wholeheartedly in introducing the benefits of NRT to the athletic community, in order to help people recover from injuries quickly, avoid injury, and increase their range of motion.  All of this equals better performance.

Ginny graduated with a Classics degree from the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) and plans to return to the U.K. to introduce more people to the amazing benefits of Neural Reset Therapy®!

Recently she taught a series of NRT classes in the Netherlands and will return.

About Jeff Eayrs

Jeff Eayrs graduated the spring of 2002 from Montana Institute of Massage Therapy in Kalispell, MT. He started a massage practice in Kalispell, MT directly after graduating, which is thriving to this day. He's known locally for his effective, therapeutic results among doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other fellow therapists. So many years of practicing massage have given Jeff a familiarity with the body and an intuition that When you give the body the right thing, then it will respond immediately and measurably. 

Jeff has studied Neuromuscular Therapy and Gait Analysis with Judith DeLany. He has also studied Medical Massage with Ralph Stephens and has studied Manual and Movement Therapies as authored by Dr. Joe Muscolino. Since 2011, Jeff has intermittently taught NMT, postural assessment, and basic massage therapy techniques in Swedish and Western Contemporary style, at the Massage Training Institute in Kalispell, MT.

More recently, Jeff became certified in NRT and immediately started using it in his practice. Multiple long-term clients who were dealing with chronic pain patterns and muscle dysfunction experienced significant changes after receiving NRT. Seeing such consistent results from NRT inspired Jeff to become a certified instructor. He desires to teach others to see how reliable and life-changing NRT can be to the therapeutic world.

About Mikkel Strøm 

When you give the body the right thing, then it will respond immediately and measurably. 

Mikkel Strøm was trained 12 years ago as a Body Self Development System Therapist. BSDS is a system that is known for it’s direct method, looking at the body as one unit, the physical body and the mental/psychological “body.” Body SDS is build from several techniques: Deep tissue massage, acupressure, lymph drainage, joint mobilization, joint release and psychotherapy. 

Later, he completed BeActivated level 1 which is a fantastic ”instrument” for making muscles fire up. These simple changes to incorrectly functioning muscles allow the body to make immediate shifts towards resilience, strength and speed.

“I did not see that coming…” NRT has become a game changer for Mikkel. After a decade with all different types of modalities, he noticed that NRT made a huge difference for his long term clients. 

Clients report back that the issues they have had for years suddenly are gone. And best of all, doing the treatment session has been completed completely wihout causing any pain!

After his first class with Rob Hayden in Boston, NRT immediately became his first priority in his treatment plan. This started Mikkel on a journey to become a certified NRT instructor, and bringing this knowledge back to Europe. He invites all of you to come to his trainings to discover what NRT can do for your clients.

About Henning Svensson

Henning Svensson started his career as massage therapist in 2003 were he was instructed by Jeppe Sindal, who is a well-known Danish manual therapist. In 2005, he graduated as a Body-Self Development System therapist. Body-SDS is a comprehensive system involving the clients mental state by working with the client’s psychosomatic responses together with deep tissue massage and skeletal alignments. 

Henning was later introduced to NRT eventually becoming Master certified as an NRT Therapist. He found NRT easily to implement in his practice where he works with a wide range of clients, from top athletes to ordinary people. But it was through his work with “old” long-term clients he discovered that, with NRT, he was able to take the clients to a much deeper level of recovering even from old traumas and with less effort – these experiences led him to become an NRT instructor. He desires to spread the teachings of this easy and very effective way to help clients.

As an instructor, he is skilled in developing and presenting / instructing workshops making it easy for the students to implement the knowledge. He is characterized by his enthusiasm as an instructor and his goal of helping students of all ages to reach their highest possible potential. 

About Yvette Groenwegen

Yvette Groenwegen is a native-born citizen of The Netherlands where she still lives. She works in the region of Amsterdam and Utrecht. Throughout her youth, she played tennis and practiced gymnastics at semi-professional level, with her injuries making her well acquainted with the various massage therapies. After graduating, she pursued a successful international career as a Purser (Senior Flight Attendant) for British Airways and later with KLM. 

Working in an international environment gave her ample opportunity to experience and learn about all kinds of physical and mental health therapies from around the world. Yvette realized that this was clearly where her talents lay and decided to start her own massage therapy practice, called Massagepraktijk Corpus Sana. She has treated many clients with severe neck, shoulder and back problems as well as sports injuries.

After years of practicing as a professional Sports Massage Therapist Yvette started to look for innovative ways to improve her skills in helping clients with their physical and injury problems. It was at this time that she discovered Neural Reset Therapy®. Yvette was keen to learn all there was to learn about NRT as she instantly realized in her very first NRT class that this was an innovative and highly effective therapy. She was subsequently intensively trained in the USA by Lawrence Woods, Ralph Stephens, Ginny Greene- Hanna and Mindaloo Lao-Scott.

Her ambition to successfully treat patients in order to improve their quality of life, as well as training and educating other massage and physiotherapists, came to fruition when she qualified as a certified master NRT therapist and then as an instructor.

Yvette with great enthusiasm introduced NRT into The Netherlands. She knew she could make an enormous difference in the way people were going to experience physical treatment unlike they ever had before! Fast, without pain and extremely effective. 

Yvette has decades of international working experience and speaks six languages.

At this moment, Yvette Groenewegen is the only certified NRT instructor in The Netherlands.

About Chuck Lubeck

Chuck Lubeck is a native of Chicago, who now resides in Augusta Georgia. Receiving weekly massage therapy sessions offset the demands of a 20-year professional dance career that included 16 years of travel in various Broadway touring companies; 13 of those 16 years of travel was with the Broadway national tour of Cats. Some life changing injuries occurred in this production that motivated his career change into the massage therapy industry.

Now, with twenty-five plus years in the field of massage/bodywork, Chuck has accrued tens of thousands of hours of clinical experience, utilizing modalities that address chronic pain and mobility issues, as well as holding a massage school instructor position since 2001.

Chuck’s clinical practice, Extreme Performance Bodywork, is the result of accumulating modalities that have proven to produce amazing results in addressing the cause of pain and immobility, not just treating the symptoms.
Chuck's ongoing desire to consistently expand his education led him to investigate Neural Reset Therapy®. The undeniable results he experienced during day one of an NRT upper body workshop set him on the goal of achieving his NRT Instructor certification. Now it is his ambition to bring NRT to as many people as possible in the classroom and clinics around the world. He is proud to be part of the NRT family and hopes to get the opportunity to work with all of you in upcoming workshops. 

About Ginny Greene-Hanna

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