"I liked everything – the efficiency of the techniques was amazing. I am so impressed with this therapy – it will change my whole approach to treating my client's pain."

 –Linda Meyer​

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Making bodies more comfortable, 
one reset at a time!​
NRT Trainings, LLC is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as 
a continuing education Approved Provider (#101). All basic level NRT courses have been granted 16 CE hours each and the advanced 20 CE hours. 
Making bodies more comfortable, 
one reset at a time!​
Neural Reset Therapy® is a fun and easy approach to getting rid of muscular pain and tightness. It is easy on the therapist because it uses no thumbs or elbows. No stretching is required.

Imagine being able to release all of the trigger points/bands/nodules in your client's upper traps in less than a minute without touching the affected muscles. That’s right. No more torturing your hands and fingers or causing discomfort to your client. Hamstrings are no problem. Reset both muscles into smooth relaxed tissue in seconds.

These classes will teach you the secrets of how to use the nervous system to do your work. If your body is struggling under the current way you are doing things, let NRT save your body while still helping others with their muscular pain issues.

Clients love it when their pain vanishes in seconds without anyone grinding and pushing on their tender areas. They get pain relief in seconds without adding to their pain during their session.
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Neural Reset Therapy®
Neural Reset Therapy®
NRT - Additional Information Booklet 
Which Provides the Following Information:

   •   What NRT Is Not 

   •   How Does NRT Work?  (click here to view chart)

   •   Can NRT Help Me? 

   •   How long do the effects of NRT last?​ 

   •   NRT can play a role in increasing your quality of life. 

   •   Workshops:
          * Upper Body Workshop 
          * Lower Body Workshop 
          * Advanced Workshop 

   •   Frequently Asked Questions (including home study options)

   •   Training Information 

   •   The Five Agreements (click here to download form)

   •   Certification

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NRT was recently featured in Massage Magazine, Nov 2014.
NRT was recently featured in Massage Magazine, Nov 2014.